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Am I Dreaming

A few weeks back I read an How-To on how to Lucid Dream. When you lucid dream you have complete control of your dreams because you know you are dreaming. The article gave a few techniques on how to enter a lucid state. One was to ask yourself throughout the day, “Am I Dreaming” so that when you fall asleep you have the habit of asking yourself that. Another way was to look at your hands and feet. Supposedly, this would make you realize you are dreaming.

I have never been able to do any of these things in my sleep. Until last night.

I don’t remember lots of details about the dream but I know someone died in a car explosion or car fire of some sort. I know it was two people, probably a couple. In the dream, I was in complete shock and I didn’t want to believe that these people were dead. So, I started asking myself, “Am I dreaming?”, but it still felt like real life. Then I started to look at my hands and down onto my feet but I was never able to realize I was dreaming. Well, maybe eventually I did because that is all I remember about the dream. But I was not lucid dreaming because I was not able to take control of the dream. Maybe I was just able to get out of it.

This concludes my Vanilla Sky-like moment.