Here is my 7 and 7 and 7 for today. 🙂

The funny thing is I can tell you exactly where I got these three bottles, but I won’t. The really big bottle is actually a Piggy Bank. In the 8 or 9 years that I have had it, it is only filled up to in the middle of the big 7. I can’t wait another 8 years to fill it so I am probably going to take it down to the bank on Monday and cash out. Any guesses as to the amount?

I’ll buy lunch to the closest guesser.


  1. Sal

    Come on brother! give me some credit man! But hey, at least I know I aint buying you lunch! In fact, you still owe me wallbangers for the bet we made while you were here!

  2. The Preacher

    After seeing all these people guess on your bottle amount and your comment I will double or nothing on our wager if you let me guess again. Is 2 trips to Wallbanger in one day worth letting me guess again, that is if I am wrong.

  3. Pam

    I say you have about $397.77 of which it will take $395.00 to buy my kind of lunch and drinks. Plus you’ll be paying me for my company!! Pam

  4. Rob

    Man .. I like the Guess’es !! Well I’ve had my Fair share of taking a Sack Full of change to the Bank and Deposting more than I actually thaught was in the Sack . So I had a number in my head already but Im gonna bump it up acouple of Nickels … $325.28 .

    Is this like the Price is Right ? If you guessed over , you are Eliminated and it goes to the Closest person who guessed, but did not go over . ?? Let us know Bob .

    I liked the Guess whoever ended it with .77 lol .. good one . !

  5. Rob

    .. I would like my Banger Burger Hot with a Pink Center !!

    NO Chinese food !!!! Unless your bringing my ass Straight Back Home .. LOL . WTF is in that Chinese Food !! No wonder chinese people are so Skinny.

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