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On The Road Again

Got the Corvette out of the shop today. She has been in there for well over a month. She had water in the motor 🙁

She would have been out of there sooner had I not lost an envelop with 600 dollars in it that was supposed to be used for buying the parts and paying for the labor. Hopefully, whomever found it used it for something good since it was around Christmas time when I lost it.
Shortly after I picked her up, Rob called to ask me how she was running and I said the same, but after driving her all the way back home I changed my mind. I am not sure if it is because I have not driven her in awhile or if there is something wrong with her, but she runs different and I think I hear an exhaust leak at accleration. Either that, or she’s misfiring a little. Will have to seek a second opinion.
Either way, I am glad to have her back home.