Came home yesterday to no Internet! Oops.

“Borrowing” the neighbors wifi though. shhhh
Pretty uneventful day today but at least I did not have to go to work. Almost did though!
I was, however, watching a movie with Nicolas Cage earlier, Bangkok Dangerous, and I found myself asking myself “why do they give this guy weird hairdoes in these movies!The last time I seen this guy with normal hair is in Family Man. It made me think of the following Photochopped picture I saw once:


  1. Anonymous

    now that I think about it …. you are Correct !! they do play with his hair ALOT, but even in family man he started off with a Slick hair do and then he became a family man he had someone normal hair, but in Gone in 60 seconds I think he had normal blondish hair thru out the whole movie.

    P.s. I dont like how your comments thing is set up !!

    im gonna do anonymous cause I dont feel like signing into to google right now.

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