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Get In and Get Out

Been having some issues with my garage door lately. On its way down it will decide to go back up. Most garage doors have a sensor so that if a dog or someone were to walk out or in while the door is going down it will go back up. So I thought something was in the way because it has happened before but that wasn’t the case. So something else is causing this. Then I noticed that one of the rollers has lost its wheel so I went out to get one at Alamo Door Supply. This isn’t the first one I buy.

So I head out there and as I am pulling up to the parking lot an older man is pulling up in front me hauling a welder of some kind on a small trailer. I see him and I think to myself , I better get in there before this guy. He looks like a talker. So I park illegally and walk inside as he is parking legally. I show the lady what I need and she calls out for the guy to bring me one. I think I only uttered one word. And in walks the man a few moments later. Sure enough, the dude won’t stop talking about how he couldn’t find the place, wasted 10 gallons of gas, he is hauling a trailer, he is building a shed, yatta, yatta, yatta. I was very annoyed. I kept giving him my back as he gave the lady behind the counter his monologue. The guy from the back brings my roller, I pay the five dollars, and I walk out.

Some people just can’t get in, get what they need, and get out.