Get In and Get Out

Been having some issues with my garage door lately. On its way down it will decide to go back up. Most garage doors have a sensor so that if a dog or someone were to walk out or in while the door is going down it will go back up. So I thought something was in the way because it has happened before but that wasn’t the case. So something else is causing this. Then I noticed that one of the rollers has lost its wheel so I went out to get one at Alamo Door Supply. This isn’t the first one I buy.

So I head out there and as I am pulling up to the parking lot an older man is pulling up in front me hauling a welder of some kind on a small trailer. I see him and I think to myself , I better get in there before this guy. He looks like a talker. So I park illegally and walk inside as he is parking legally. I show the lady what I need and she calls out for the guy to bring me one. I think I only uttered one word. And in walks the man a few moments later. Sure enough, the dude won’t stop talking about how he couldn’t find the place, wasted 10 gallons of gas, he is hauling a trailer, he is building a shed, yatta, yatta, yatta. I was very annoyed. I kept giving him my back as he gave the lady behind the counter his monologue. The guy from the back brings my roller, I pay the five dollars, and I walk out.

Some people just can’t get in, get what they need, and get out.


  1. LUCY

    Awe but he is old, cut him some slack. Don’t you know that old people like to talk? Duh

    Just wait, when you are an old man walking in to stores and telling stories you will remember that old man and me.

  2. The Preacher

    unfortunatly I have the same problem at work. I feel like dude just tell me what you want. couple of weeks ago I spent about 1 hour with a older man. But I cant help to think that these guys are trying to keep what they can remember and say alot. I do listen when they go on though,

  3. Sal


    the wheel broke off. all that was left was the shaft.

    @preacher never thought of it this way. this guy wasnt that old cuz he had a lot of energy talking away.. lol

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