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8 mile

I think I found me a pretty good trek for my daily bike rides. Its around my  neighborhood and the country club next door. I drove the trek today in the Vette and in the Colorado today and since I bike it twice it equals out to about 8 Miles. I think that is pretty good for me. Hopefully in a few weeks I can make that trek three times around and not be dead tired. Right now I make the trek in a little under an hour and afterwards I feel pretty damn good. The goal is to one day be able to do the biking in the mornings.
My friend George has asked me to bike with him and his brother at 7 in the morning but I don’t think I can keep up with those guys. The trail they want to take has a lot of slopes. I used to ride it before and I would be huffing and puffing after every trip. If I keep my 8 mile trip going then maybe a trip down that trail in the future wont be as bad. I really need to improve my eating habits as well. Usually I will eat a banana before the ride and eat an orange afterwards followed by a shower. It seems to be working out. People always ask me if I am trying to lose weight. Of course, they are being sarcastic. I am just trying to get healthier and trying to give myself more energy.
Wish me luck.