1. Adriana Sujey

    No wonder you were quiet today, you were in mourning. Well, I believe Elvis has another little fan as of today. As we were watching TV LAND, they were showing an Elvis special and I guess Adrian really liked his music because he could not stop dancing 🙂

  2. Sal

    kids really dig his music for some reason. that is the only explanation i can think for my love of his music. he was already dead for almost three months when i was born and look at me, im a big fan.

    Although I have never seen it isnt there a lot of elvis music in the cartoon Lilo and Stitch?? That gets kids into it to.

    I missed that special today! Teri called me while i was driving to tell me about it.

  3. Sal

    surely you jest!!

    Now, I like Garth Brooks, his early stuff, but there is no comparison. If you want a king of Country then its George you want.

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