Archives · March 13, 2007 2

Diagnosis Laziness

I attribute my inability to be consistent with the hobbies I choose to my laziness.

I tell people that I really like photography but I can’t remember the last time I snapped a photo just for the sake of the art. My camera sits in its case inside my back pack most of the time. Why? Because I don’t go out there to snap photos. I just wait for the moment to arrive instead of going out and looking for it. Laziness.

I used to tell people that I enjoy bike riding but today was the first day in a few weeks that I actually went for a ride. I took that ride only to try and relieve some stress, or tension, or something that was tearing me up inside. I was only out there for about 45 minutes. The battery on my phone started to die (was using it to listen to internet radio via Resco Radio). I should go out and ride more often, but I get lazy.

And oh, how I love acoustic guitar. If I had my own Ibanez V Series Acoustic/Electric guitar I would play it all the time. Wait a tick! I do have one, but it is mostly a decoration on its cool Fender guitar stand. What a waste! I picked it up a few days ago and been trying to learn a riff. I can only imagine how much I could have learned if I would have watched the two instructional DVDs I have. I wonder how much I would have learned from the guitar book I bought at Barnes and Nobles. All the software I have, all the ebooks I have, and most importantly, all the TIME I have, all gone to waste! Why? Because of Laziness!