Month: May 2007

Where’s The Beef

After church last night, I drove over to the nearest Rudy’s BBQ, about 20 minutes away, and had me some brisket. I think they must’ve adjusted their scales because I feel as though I am getting less brisket for my money. I used to be barely able to put down a half pound of brisket but now I still have room for more when I finish. I tried the Lean brisket last time, which is supposed to be less fat I guess, but it just didn’t taste the same.

So I think I’ll be staying away from there for awhile, unless I am really craving that stuff. You would think I would have stayed away because of the hepatitis.

Fear of Lightning

The greatest fear I have is that of being struck by lightning. Something about electricity flying through the air scares the crap out of me. We are having pretty bad thunderstorms right now and as we drove back from lunch it got real bad. I was the one driving so I had no choice but to be looking out. Otherwise I would have strayed my eyes elsewhere. I put the sun visor down to block most of the skyline.

I just hope lightning is not attracted to fear.

Friends And Family

Slowly but surely I have been coercing my friends and family to start blogging. To the right you will see links to their sites in order of creation. Hopefully, I can get more of my friends blogging and maybe they can get their wives and children blogging.

The Shit I Won’t Forget:
This is my friend Rob’s blog. Mostly blogs about cars and projects he works on.

Mensage Abierto:
My friend and co-worker Javier’s blog. Mensage Abierto is Spanish for Open Message. Usually blogs about his life with Christ.

In The Lords Army:
My friend from from church Juan’s blog. Also happens to be my brothers best friend. Just started blogging so we will see what it becomes.

The Preacher:
My brother the father! Well, not a father but he is my brother; a baptist pastor. His new blog. He preaches in Louisiana and its great to be able to read his past messages.

There you have it. Hopefully, they blog more then I do and maybe someone will find this site and then in turn find their blog and get something out of it.

SS Trailblazer

I will have to dig up the old post I made about the Super Sport Trailblazers I have been drooling over for the past year. I tried to get one last year but the bank wanted a ridiculous amount of money down to get a decent monthly payment. So I gave up on it and moved in to my home.

Well, almost one year later the dealership where I got my Colorado had a few more SS Trailblazers in stock but I never went down for fear of rejection. But then I started eyeballing this silver beast off the highway and I was so tempted to go in and see what they can do for me.

On the last day of March, a rainy day that is, I went down to the dealership and after 6 hours of being there I drove home with her.

It is a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer Supersport. Or SS as we simply call it. Why is it an SS. The LS2 Corvette engine under the hood! And also the suspension, wheels, and other cosmetics not found in standard trailblazers. Its awesome, and I love driving it. It already has 1900 miles on the odometer!! I cant stress how much I love it. I love it to much!

Anyway, I took a long time to finally blog about her but here she is.