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Mom is Recovering Well

This morning at about noon they moved my mom out of ICU and into a regular room. This was great because we were no longer on a visiting schedule or restricted to four visitors.

Shortly after being moved in her new room, my mom wanted to lay down because she had been sitting up for many hours. The surgeon is very strict about having his patients lay down after that kind of surgery so the nurses were very hesitant about letting her lay down. It was really hard seeing my mom in pain. Her incision was hurting her a lot by the way she was sitting. We finally got the nurse to let her lay down for thirty minutes. It ended up being about an hour. She was very relieved and was finally able to get some sleep because she said she couldn’t sleep the night before despite the sleep medicine they gave her.

When they finally sat her up again she was no longer in pain. We were all very happy for her.

The doctors are now saying that she will probably be able to go home by Friday. She is very very happy to hear that.

Thanks to everyone who has had her in their thoughts and prayers.