1. juan

    the RING too funny, man, nice leather brown brace you need to accesorize,

    sana sana, Saca el huevo para curarlo de susto.

    Sorry Bro really feel for you, but lol, i can t stop watching the limp walk on your last post

  2. Jean Kincaid

    Well son. I just don’t know what to say. It looked real smooth when you took off; and the thingy ripping up into the air and crashing against the ground was stimulating & exciting. The limp looked a little painful…and then you say Rob got on after that? You two are just so…whats the word I’m looking for? No, no thats not it. Intelli…No, huh uh, not that word either. Low…yeah, yeah you’re on to something here. LOCO!!!!! Now take two aspirin, apply ice and heat, alternating, and quit trying to hurt Rob.

    I know Juan laughed. I heard him over here. And I must admit, my lips twitched just a little. Just a little, mind you, cause I could see the pain in the x-ray.

    I cannot wait till Pop gets up in the morning so I can show him this.

  3. Jean Kincaid

    Excuse me, SalJay, but what is this an x-ray of? It looks sorta like the Olympics torch. Then again, it looks like a table leg. If you look real close, you can see “The Mask” down close to where the wide part narrows. And the band-aid; how’d they get that in there? It looks like they could have at least gave a photo of the matching limb so we could see for ourselves what was wrong.

    Heeheeheeheehee. I gotta stop this but its just so much fun. Oh, ok. I’m sorry. Here, let me adjust your pillow. And let’s prop this one under your arm so your hand will be elevated a bit. Did you swallow those aspirin?

    Now shut your eyes and I’ll sing you a song till you go to sleep.

    Hmmmmm, three little monkeys jumping on the bed, hummmm, one fell off and hit his head. Hmmmm, took him to the doctor and the doctor said, la la la, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.

    Shhhhhh, sleep well, little one.

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