1. Adriana Sujey

    OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NO wonder the sad music… Que ninos!!! I can’t believe it! I’m just so glad I was able to try it before this trajedy. The good thing is that both of you survived.
    P.S. Yeah, 1st comment….. 😀

  2. LUCY

    Awe I’m sorry Sal 🙁 I’m gonna start a collection for a new one for you. So glad your okay, I was getting nervous with all the replays, wanted to see you get up already.

    And what a true friend Rob, running to him with such concern, made me smile.

  3. juan

    It’s all fun & games till someone gets hurt, then its freaking hilarious.

    Sorry bro, LLOL
    Go get your money back & tell them you lend it to me & didn’t read the weight limit.

  4. Rob

    Jay Im so sorry I broke your rip stick. I knew I could stay on after the dip into the deep end but I can turn left or right to save my life!! Hit the wall head one and snap. 🙁 I’ll get you another one.

    And why didn’t you tell me that I run weird.???

  5. Adriana Sujey

    Great, now Abel doesn’t want to buy me a R.I.P. stick, after watching the video. And Ally asked “What, doesn’t Sal know how to ride the skateboard?” She also saw the video, and asked to see it a second time.

  6. Sal

    lol @ juan annd rob

    just promise abel u wont be riding in swimming pools 🙁

    even Ally wants to watch the video over and over like Juan.. 🙁

  7. Sal

    i should have gone in from the other direction. even on flat surfaces I cant turn right, like Zoolander. I guess i was to nervous and excited. 90 percent excited an 10 percent nervous…. or visa versa.

    Probably would have fell anyway, but thats my story and im sticking with it.

  8. Rosebud

    @Sal…I finally got to see this video and yeah,that did look like a nasty fall! Brought back an ugly memory of when I went roller blading with someone(wont mention names,but she knows who she is)and was chased (by same person) which was what caused me to take a nasty fall,somewhat like urs,and hit hip first followed by side of face to cement next. I hit so hard i actually saw stars for a split second. Man,that was the worst fall of any kind i had ever had and still have a light scar on my leg to show for it. But thank God,no broken bones.

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