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I can’t remember when it was, but I know it was one night that a lot of us from Church ended up at Wallbangers. I believe it was the night we found out Juan was Superman. Anyway, after Wallbangers we went over to Academy and that is when I first saw a Casterboard. It was laying in the aisle on its two wheels and then some employee got on and took off. I thought it was so cool. Many Many months later, after Christmas, I saw them again at Academy in Brownsville. Really started wanting one since then.

Well, after a gift card, a Target employee discount, and a $2.22 loan I finally got me one.

Took me a good while to finally be able to ride and then and even longer time to get the hang of turning. Call it a midlife crisis if you want, but it is a lot fun and I really like it. Below is a small, short video of me and Rob on the Ripstik.


And of course, with this type of thing, and with my lack of appropiate balance and skill it is only natural that I take a spill. Here are the results of that spill.