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Rough Week So Far

It can only get better right? It’s barely Tuesday.

Monday: got to close to fast to a promised one so I knew this day was coming but it still saddened me and I have never dreaded the end of the work day so much, because the phone won’t ring. Also, this day, I hurt someone.

Tuesday: One voice, in one minute, and even now, brought the rain from my eyes. With a glimpse the flood almost came.

I’ve moved on, I’m looking forward, I’ve given liberty unto [mine] eyes, but it amazes me that I can be taken back so quickly. It used to be a scent that did it to me. On one GOOD day, the short trip from the first floor to the second floor in the elevator lasted a lifetime in my mind as that old familiar aroma filled the elevator with memories of a love lost. No regrets, no hatred.
Friend, I just ask for time.

1:11 Make a wish.