Rough Week So Far

It can only get better right? It’s barely Tuesday.

Monday: got to close to fast to a promised one so I knew this day was coming but it still saddened me and I have never dreaded the end of the work day so much, because the phone won’t ring. Also, this day, I hurt someone.

Tuesday: One voice, in one minute, and even now, brought the rain from my eyes. With a glimpse the flood almost came.

I’ve moved on, I’m looking forward, I’ve given liberty unto [mine] eyes, but it amazes me that I can be taken back so quickly. It used to be a scent that did it to me. On one GOOD day, the short trip from the first floor to the second floor in the elevator lasted a lifetime in my mind as that old familiar aroma filled the elevator with memories of a love lost. No regrets, no hatred.
Friend, I just ask for time.

1:11 Make a wish.


  1. Jean Kincaid

    Shakespeare, right? Sounds like you’ve loved and lost. I’m so sorry. I pray today is better for you, eat some chocolate, read your Bible, pray, eat some chocolate, call Juan and talk to him, talk to Lucy, then eat some chocolate.

    Love you, Sal/Jay

  2. Rob

    Its better to have Love and lost then to ……….. Uuh oh Forget it .. Forgot how that saying went .

    Jay , You know what you got to Do …. !! P.s. Forget the Chocolate , or just throw it in the Mix.

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