How did it end?

So you know the week ended good for me when I end up at Wallbangers Friday night. I drove over there without any music or movies playing and I really love the sound of that LS2 6.0 Corvette engine in the SS. So soothing, until I have to put the hammer down to pass someone. It’s got a nice growl to it.

Anyway, my boss was asking me how it has been going since I have been solo. My patience gets me through a lot. If people are calling me from all directions I have always seemed to be able to keep my cool. What also helps is being able to access any PC in the building from no matter where I am. Whether it be from home or driving on the highway using my phone to kick start a print server.

I also told him that I feel out of the loop with a lot of the administration aspects of the clinic. I haven’t been able to sit through an entire meeting because of being called out to do something.

But, as I said. The week ended good. Prayers work.


  1. Jean Kincaid

    Sal, you are incorrigible. I have stared and stared at that stupid picture cause you said “look Closely” and I just today saw what you wanted us to look closely at. I thought you had a nail in the tire or the lugnuts were gone or something and then tonight I see that you can see your beautiful suv in the hubcap. Or the reflection. Now please put us some new photos on.

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