No One Else To Blame But My Parents

That is why I am so picky about food. It is because my parents spoiled me growing up. 😉

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (without the crust) was my daily food. After that came Big Macs with no sauce and no cheese; everyday. Since I didn’t want anything else my parents wouldn’t get me anything else.

I feel bad for my friends at church and at work when they invite me to eat because then they want to go to places I don’t like so they end up changing their plans. So I’ve been staying away from group lunches plus they’ve stopped inviting. 🙂

One day I’ll do the grocery and cooking thing.


  1. Jean Kincaid

    We have not stopped inviting. But, yes, you ARE spoiled. That’s why we have to find you a good wife. So she’ll keep on spoiling you. Like I do Dale. Hush, Kim. No one was talking to you. You too, Laura. Just ask him Sal. He will tell you that he is spoiled. But then that’s the fun of being in love. Certain people may not think he is much, but he’s mine so I will spoil him if I want to. Now, about that wife Sal. How’s that working for you?

  2. juan

    well i thought it was a cop out(title), but hey it is what u r used too. And u take off so fast from church u don’t wait around to get invited, & we don’t think we just leave. & some of those places u do eat u just don’t feel lke eating their.U r a grown man U can eat the crust now.

  3. Sal

    @gramma how is the wife thing going? i dont know. I am fortune’s fool.

    @juan i was just kidding about the invite thing but hey, youve been known to take off to so there. ha!

    and you made me LOL with that crust comment. Around the seventh grade i stopped eating PB&J; sandwhiches. I started back up last year, but i very lightly toast the buns now. makes it easier to spread! and jelly in a squeezable?? man that is another blog right there! awesome!

  4. Memories...

    is that smiley face at the end of your blogg mean that your happy that we’ve not invited you? we at work alway invite you but you almost always don’t like where we want to go….

    we can’t always go to your expensive places

    you’ve isolated yourself from the group at work ~ we respect what you and your family are going through and for that reason we are not gonna be asking you any questions ~

    when you decide to do the “bring your lunch from home thing” or “cheap lunch” call me & the gang!!!


  5. Rob

    Well Jay …….. I dont know anyone else who is as picky as you !! and I say that as an Honest friend . the other people have to eat where you want to eat ……….. and if a tomato comes in contact with Jays food , he will not touch it / eat it . LOL . thats too funny .. Tell us about the Lettuce Jay , how come you dont eat that . ?

  6. Sal

    i think you mean onion!!! nasty man. and mayo! nasty!!! whats weird is that i know there is mayo in chipotle sauce but its great on those fish tacos!! mmmmm

    and lettuce. Its grass! people always tell me, “you dont even taste it” so why eat it if you cant taste it!!??

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