It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or to be funny, it has been said it is in the eye of the beerholder.

To me, beauty is in the heart of a loved one. Just like it is said, she or he has the kind of face only a mother could love.

Many times you see beautiful people with not so good looking people and others are quick to say things like, what does he or she see in them. I believe as people get to know each other and gradually fall in love the more handsome or pretty the other gets.

It is a two way street though. When one falls out of love with someone or is deeply hurt by another he or she becomes ugly in the eye of the beholder. That is when people start to say, I don’t know what I ever saw in her or him. IT WAS LOVE! You were seeing them through the eyes of love.

So next time you see a couple and one is not as good looking as the other think twice and think for one minute about how much they love each other. And don’t ever tell a guy or girl that has recently been heartbroken, oh, he or she wasn’t good looking enough for you. That is nonsense.


  1. Rob

    LOL where do you come up with this stuff !!

    Kinda like the “Ugly Duckling Syndrome” …. where she was ugly when she was younger and then she turned into a Beautiful girl/woman and she doesn’t even know shes beautiful Now cause the whole UGLY image is still engraved in her mind.

    NOW thats a Real special Find !!!

    But the Solution to this whole “Ugly guy with the Pretty girl” is this :

    You see a Girl that is so pretty and Beautiful that the good looking / descent guys tell them selves “Nah, she’ll never go out with me” ……..So , here comes Francisco 5″ft nothing, ugly ass hell, and asks her out and she says “YES” ! WTH !!! go figure

    thats what I think, but then again I think so weird.

  2. jav

    Love is just something else, some of the things that i have seen is that there is some prety girls outhere that they have been hurt so many times and here comes a simple guy that just gives them the care they need and treats them right and they fall in love and sometimes even get married with that person.

  3. DeeDee

    LOL well it comes up so I better just apologize now, since I didn’t know then! 🙂 Keep attacking, we need it sometimes. Just playing I know that your not doing that, or are you? lol

  4. Sal

    @pw read your comment a few times. i couldnt make sense of it. but it reminds of some girls in highschool. they made friends with girls that are not so pretty so that they can look prettier!!

    good thing guys dont do this. at least i dont think we do. have to reevaluate my friends…lol

  5. juan

    lol, this blog started awesome till the comments came on, kinda turned fruity there, pretty boy.
    Nah, just look @ my beautiful bride & look @ me, my wife wanted someone ugly cuz no one wants ugly. lol. Ugly people are inside, who act all stuck up, hmum. j/k.
    Some people are just ugly by being mean

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