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What I Need To Do

So this blog a day is really great. I don’t know exactly how everyone really feels about it. Maybe I analyze or read into things to much but I see some great things happening behind the scenes. For example, Juan is always talking about how he misses and wants to go visit my brother in Louisiana and recently he was telling me how he didn’t want to just show up or ask if he could go because he knows how busy they are up there. He was pretty much waiting for an invite. Well, I think, that thanks to this blogging and all the commenting he got that invite and that’s awesome.

Another good thing about this is that we got Rob blogging more. It is usually hit and miss with him because of the things he has got going on. Hopefully he keeps it up even though now he is back in school and hopefully he will go meet everyone and the Lord in church soon. Lucy and Deedee are blogging again like they used to and even Kim is back in the game even though she is not doing the blog a day thing. And that is awesome. Adri didn’t need any encouragement; she is always blogging. 🙂

But I keep thinking about something else I should, I mean, something I NEED to be doing everyday. And that is reading my bible, daily. Last year our preacher gave us a handout that is supposed to help us read every day by checking off the daily readings. I started off good but I stopped and never started again.

I can’t help but feel, I mean, I know that I am losing out on blessings for not being in the word like I am supposed to. So I am going to start reading my bible daily again and not just for the month of January, and not just for the year of 2008. Watch my Jaikus for when I am reading.

Lately, I have been finding myself in situations where I say to myself “if you were reading your bible you would know what to say.”

So, I kindly ask for your prayers.

It’s going to be a great year.