Foosball Carnage

About a week or two ago, Juan and I were battling it out on the foosball table again when the unthinkable happened. As Juan spun his man to make a goal from the opposite side of the table he started to yell, STOP, STOP, STOP. I freaked out. I didn’t know what was going on because I was in full defensive mode. Then I saw the carnage. The humanity. The dismemberment of one of his men. Like the scene of a seven car pile up; we could not look away.

The player is now in the process of reconstructive surgery due back at an unknown date and all games have been suspended.


  1. Rob

    Thats not a way to get a “head in Life” …………”He’ll never be the Head of a Major Corporation”

    WTH man …… Those where my guys!! I had the Black team. Now I will never beat you

  2. juan

    @ J LOL, bro good blog, i will try to hurry up & fix him, if that was the purpose of this blog
    @ rod lol, you sound like Austin Powers, Yeah baby, grrr, lol, why does J like to use the red side, I like to play with the “dark side Also”, he he paper, rock scissor, starts it off, lol, I remember I did that to javier, & i told him to go first, & he lost or vise versa, lol
    @D foosball guy, no “e” i think, hehe, j/k
    @ J, you should blog, for a name for the little guy, or a vote, what is the name of the character in the headless horseman, Ichabod, I got it.

  3. Sal

    LOL @ Rob or Rod as juan put it.. lol

    @juan so you picked up my hint on bringing Ichabob back into the game….

    Put me back in the game coach!!

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