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When You’re Strange

I heard an old song today that had the verse “the world is full of stupid people” but do you know what other kind of people this world is filled with? I’ll tell you. Weird People.

I went to H.E.B. today to get a rotisserie chicken and I saw two weird guys. One is an older weird guy. He kinda looks like Groucho Marks (without makeup) and a slimmer Albert Einstein. He is ALWAYS there and he don’t work there either. He is either sitting in the deli area or walking around, talking to himself. Why don’t they kick him out?

The other weird guy looked like him sorta. Only whiter and wore big aviator type glasses. He was behind me in line and saying weird stuff to people and blowing his nose and he was buying like five bags of Funyons, Bread, and Onions. Weird! Although, at the last minute he put back the funyons because according to him it was just air in those bags.

Do you think these guys know there is something weird about them? They have to know right? And if they do know at what point did they come to realize “Ok, I’m weird, so I’m going to H.E.B. and weird people out”. But now that I write this I thought of something Anthony Hopkins said in the movie Proof. He said a crazy person would never admit that they are crazy.

So, someone out there has to please tell me if I get weird, or am weird.