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I Dare You To…..

I dare you to be nice to someone you dislike very much.

I dare you to put someone else’s happiness above yours.

I dare you to just listen.

I dare you to keep that criticism to yourself.

I dare you to think before you speak.

I dare you to put yourself in their shoes.

My place of employment is not that big. It is just a two story building. Over one hundred employees I believe. I can’t tell you how many patients are in the building at any given moment but I can tell you that it is a building that is filled with people, persons, lives, and souls. Each and every one with a unique outlook to life and their own lives.

We get so caught up in our own business that we forget about everyone else. When I was young I had this silly notion that I was the star of a movie or TV show and that these other people around me were just extras. It was not until I got old enough to stop being so selfish that I realized that the world does not revolve around me.

I try to be courteous and nice to people around me but I fall into my own traps where I can be mean and selfish again like I was when I was little.

To the people that I am close to, and to an occasional stranger, I try to offer them something most people don’t. An open ear and a silent mouth. People just need to be heard at times. But I don’t just hear them out, I try to actually LISTEN to them. Hang on every word. Let the world revolve around them for a change. Even if I don’t say a word I always get a thank you for helping them out.

Try it. I dare you. I know, I’m trying.