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I am no gamer that’s for sure. Whether it be sports, video games, or of any other sort I am just not into it. When it came to video games I guess you can say I was a normal kid growing up. I had the Sega, then the Nintendo but my liking for it stopped somewhere around Super Mario Brothers 3. I think I got into cars around that time. I really wanted a Camaro like my best friends Marshalll and Rob.

When people find out that I am into computers, people usually assume I am a gamer but I can’t remember the last time I played a game on this PC besides those simple games I have on this site. HERE.

Recently though I have been furnishing my home with games here and there. My den is turning into a game room of sorts. First the Foosball table, then the basketball game.

Well, in my garage, in one of the cabinets I had stored the first Sony Playstation and a Sega Dreamcast so I got to thinking that it would be cool to get those connected in the garage. I have a lot of PS1 games and Dreamcast games are available on the internet. So when I told my folks my plan they told me about my old TV that is not being used at their house. So I brought it home and stuck it in the garage. I got the cables I needed on the cheap at the flea market and Rob got me a cool 5 video splitter.

I was missing one controller for the Dreamcast and one of the controllers on the PS1 was busted. eBay to the rescue! It took forever to get here but in the picture above you see two PS1 controllers, a Dreamcast controller, and a gun for the Dreamcast, which was not listed in the sale. All for .99 cents plus 7 dollar shipping.

If I stay in this house longer and if I can save up the dinero I would like to turn the space above the garage into a real game room. If I move from here then hopefully I find another home with plenty of rooms.

Who wants to play me?