Archives · January 12, 2008 12

Sweet Things

You know what I am talking about. Those lovely things couples say to one another. Whether it be softly in the ear or subconsciously out loud for all to hear.

I have a few friends who are lovey dovey like this all the time (you know who you are) and I joke that it makes me sick. Well, it does make me sick. Love sick. Out of love sick. I guess I just miss it. Just like I miss saying I love you.

I used to like to say that I was a student of human behaviour. My classroom was any public area with plenty of people living their lives. Restaurants, businesses, Wallbangers. My favorite type of people to observe were love birds. These are the people that go on about themselves as if they are the only people in the room. Paying attention only to the one in their arms. It’s beautiful.

Nowadays these are the only people I take a moment to observe. I guess for the same reason people watch movies or tv shows of people doing things they’d love to do. Racing, football, super hero movies. I see these love birds and I wonder what kind of sweet things they whisper to each other.

I wish I could speak their language.