January 12, 2006

Was supposed to put this up yesterday but got caught up with the Sweet Things. Don’t remember whose idea it was but here is Rob being paintballed by me back in 2006.


What do you say Rob? Make another video to commemorate the 2 years?

Oh, and the best part of the video is at 20 seconds.


  1. Rob

    haha .. and whats funny is that I just took my paintball gun into True Value to fill up the Tanks man .. that was yesterday.

    Sorry no blog today .. besides I only got minutes left before its midnight.

  2. LUCY

    Okay now whos idea was this? And was there convincing that had to be done?

    I bet it was Sals idea.

    I agree Sal do it again but this time let Rob shoot you.

  3. Rob

    Yeah lets do that Again BUT this time I Shoot you !!

    or We can Flip a Coin.

    Im thinking more like 2 Shots ..Fast, back to back

    p.s. why do I get such long word verification letters ? kfkmnnuo

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