Muffler Delete

After church last week I was lusting after Juan‘s new truck so when I got home I was looking at Trailblazer SS videos to redeem myself. While doing that I found a video of an SS TB that had its muffler removed and it sounded pretty good. So Friday after work I went and had mine removed. Below are some pics and video (with sound) of the end result.


I brought the muffler home with me because the procedure is reversible. I think I like it. So far everyone who has heard has liked it. It’s different.


  1. The Preacher

    instead of doing that i have a solution for you because after a wile your engine light will go on because of your bosh o2 sensor will not get a curate reading of the gas burning, and whether you beleive it or not you will ruin your motor due to the rich gas consuption. people walk into oreilys with the same probablem, and my first question is did you take your muffler out, must of the time their spark plugs blow out first, I cant remember the name of the muffler off hand you need to buy, but it will give you instant relief of your need for sound.

  2. Sal

    u must be thinking of the catalytics. because mufflers just muffle. check it. HERE the corvette for example, has no catalytics and i have the symptoms you speak of. i researched this from many people who have SSes like mine at

    man. i hope there are no environmental folks here. ill get arrested.

  3. Rob

    as a fellow tree hugger here, your killing our trees young man !!!

    LOL j/k

    Hey John .. only if those O/2 sensors were before the muffler. And even if they were after the muffler its no big deal .. Mufflers are used to make the ride quite… CatConverters are what are used to burn the gasses left from the motor. He did not remove converters.

    dont quote me but Im pretty sure on that.

    P.s. why did you let off at 80 Jay? lol .. at first I thaught I did not have my speakers on then I heard .. Vroom vroom

  4. juan

    @ J, sounds cool I want to get rid of mine now, hehe, or get some Flowmasters. never heard the Borja ones on a Silverado.I dont want mine to sound like a hot rod just tough, if that makes any sense.

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