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If I Could Say One Lie Tonight….

If I could say one lie tonight it would be about the incident upstairs.

It wasn’t me! It was like that when I came home!

I always wondered what was underneath that red carpet in the restroom. Tonight I found out.

And you know what it cost me? My futon. So whenever Rob finishes his room at his house he is taking it with him. You know what plumbers charge this time of night? Thanks Rob. Don’t know where I’d be without your help all the time.

Having friends is so important. But its the quality of the friend not the quantity of friends. I may not have many friends but I can sure count on the ones I do have. I only wish they could say the same about me. I’ll fix that printer Juan!! I’ll give you a ride next time your car leaves you stranded in the rain Rob!!

Tonight, I am going to get me a new friend. A mop.