I Can’t Walk No Line

Alright, this is kind of dumb but it’s all I got. I am to cold to get really inspired.

Anyway, so today, yet another person says that I have a walk that says that I think I am all that. Throughout the years I have been told similar things, that I walk like I own the place or that I am conceited or stuck up. Apparently ,how I wear my sun glasses also generates this image.

I am just left wondering how it is I walk.

After I got this comment tonight I text a friend who I think would give me an honest opinion. She sees me walking around all day at work. At first she says she sees nothing odd about my walk BUT after awhile she then says that I have a glide in my walk as if I am lite on my feet. Whatever that means! I am going to question more people about this.

Aside from being conceited I have also been told that upon first meeting or seeing me people thought I was really mean, a serial killer, a drug dealer (mostly because of the vette), and more recently, a satanic.

So I think I need a new walk.


  1. LUCY

    I say keep the walk it’s yours even if people do get amused by it.

    Keep it!!!!

    How would you get a new one anyway?? Would you practice one for 21 days and see if it stuck??

  2. Sal

    i was just going to watch a lot of Grease and Saturday Night Fever to get Travoltas walk down…

    you can tell by the way i use my walk, that i’m a ladies man, no time to talk….


  3. Adriana Sujey

    I still remember seeing u for the first time @ VDC. You do not look like a killer. You do walk like a cool dude though, like “yeah, baby, just look at my lips!!” LOL!!! (and my cheap glasses, LOL!)

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds more like give off an air of confidence. There is nothing wrong with that. Others are either jealous or intimidated by someone with confidence.

  5. DeeDee

    LOL NO COMMENT! Just kidding. I say who cares! But then again, I say that about a lot of things. It’s true what Lucy said, it’s your walk and that’s that.

  6. Rob

    I’ve been practicing a cool walk like John Travolta back in the movie “Saturday Night Fever” where he is walking with the 2 1Gallon paints in both arms.

    You know everytime I grab a Gallon of paint I do that walk

  7. Sal

    @rob just dont run… hehe.. inside joke,

    and @everyone else, thanks for the support and now for my walking complex. and my lips to apparently.. :-/

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