Road Work

Came home today during lunch for a pleasnt surprise! Last week their was a notice in my mailbox that the County was going to work on the street starting on the second, which they did but they just covered some of the holes, like the one pictured in the first pic.

I snapped some pics when I got out of work and they are doing pretty good. Looks like Lightning Maqueen was doing the work!

The first pic was taken 2 or 3 months before I moved in as you can see from the date stamp.

And in case you were wondering, thats my neighborhood and that is my flag. 🙂

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  1. Rob

    its about time ..You street was starting to look like the streets in San Benito .. No offense to ” San Benitoians ” I’d go and give those guys a 5 dollar bill .. lol .. and see if they can go and do a half as job in your alley way . !! It would’nt hurt to ask . Go do it . I would .

  2. Sal

    yeh, i guess Wil didnt like the comment feature provided for us by Blogger. I can understand. i dont like it that much either but i dont get as many comments as he does so i live with it.

    good luck!

    Wil sent me some calendars one year. Ill have to blog about my thing about Calendars one day. 🙂

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