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Well, we on our last couple days of the ABAD. I’m wore out. I didn’t think I’d want this to end but, yep, I can’t wait til February 1st when I wont have to be blogging 30 minutes til midnight.

I feel really tired for some reason. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get my afternoon nap before church. Rob came over and I was helping him with a school project that involves my network at work. Turns out we have a huge network with lots of computers. Glad I could help him out.

Church was really good. It was about the only time I didn’t feel tired. Okay, maybe I yawned once or twice. But it was really good. I need to knock down some of them walls.

Afterwards a few of us went down to Dennys and had some good fellowship with the DeLeons and the Preacher and his wife. Glad Juan and Deedee made it back safe from Louisiana and with lots of funny stories and pictures. Can’t wait to hear more.

So here is the blog for the day before the last ABAD.