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11 Years

You know, it has been 11 years that I have been on the internet.

I got online at my house for the first time using a WebTV in 1997. A small box that hooked up to your television and phone line to get you online. Rob got one first so I had to have one too. That thing had no CD ROM nor a Floppy Drive.

I think I might have used that for a little over two years before I got a real PC in 1999. I still have that PC and I am using it to write this because my newer PC is on the fritz. Still going strong!

It’s has been cool to see the web evolve all these years. I remember trying to watch music videos on the WebTV. If it worked it would take forever to play since it was coming through a phone line. And now we can watch full length movies and TV shows thanks to site like QSS and Hulu.

I have seen regular chatting go from just text, to voice, to video. Whats next? Smellavision!!?

The coolest thing to watch evolve has been Google. I remember reading about this search service in PC Mag or was it Maxim? Maxim used to put out Best of the Web inlets in their magazines. Anyway, Google is huge now. Not just search anymore.

So when people get a computer for the first time I kinda feel bad for them because there is so much out there now. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Anyway, the best part about this is that I have made some friends that I am still in contact with from the ole’ WebTV days. They can be found here now. I am a contributor to that blog but have not written anything yet. One day I’ll write about the yatta references in my blog and that one.

See ya in the next 11 years!!