Simple Job Turns Complicated

Live Blogging from the garage.

I have been having trouble with Corvette not starting on the first ignition so Rob was kind enough to take out the starter for me. Sounds easy enough, but that wasn’t the case.

Rob wanted to see if the starter would fire up not bolted down so the battery stayed connected. A few moments after he said he hopes the power doesn’t make contact with anything, it made contact with a transmission line and punctured a hole.

Here are some pics. More to follow.

One more pic of Robs’ bloody hand, I mean transmission fluid drenched hand.

Rob stopped the leak, after a few attempts and the car is starting fine.

Thanks Rob! Such a great friend.


  1. Rob

    man Jay that last pic of my arm covered in Tranny fluids looks like my arm is cut off and just hanging .. Not a good photo or a tranny drenched fluid arm !!

    and on a side note….. there were about 2 times when I said “Jay, can you pass me the wrench or rag, /insert cricket noise here/ .. hello … Jay ??” you were too bussy around the side of the house texting ,Jakuing, chatting,googling or blogging !!!

    p.s. i still smell of the fluid… I need to take a Lava or Gojo shower.

  2. Abel (Ford tough baby)

    ahh you Chevy guy’s I tell you!!
    Never pull down a starter or move it around with the battery connected!!

  3. Rob

    @abel .. I know your not suppose to take it off or move it with the Battery Connected. I was gonna have Sal turn the key while I see it engage, thats why I left it on, but It slipped.

    Oh and Im glad my tools got a cleaning, I had not use them in a while.

  4. Rosebud

    @Sal..Yeah,i thought the same thing. That arm totally looks severed and i thought, being the computer geek that u are, that u meant to do that but i guess it was just all by accident

    Looks pretty neat either way.

  5. Sal

    Man, tony never comments and now he does, and he bashes me 🙁 but yeah, i always ask rob why he stays friends with me…lol .. cuz i keep it real!!

    and Rob sorry bought the crickets! but hey, at least you weren’t alone.

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