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Mom’s Post Surgery

Let me just tell you that seeing my mom with all those tubes and other apparatuses coming out of her hours after the surgery was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever seen. Add the look of heartache in my dads face and eyes nearly killed me. For a few moments, my dad was unable to breathe right. I tried to stick by him but at times I was overwhelmed.

During the second visit in ICU, she was a little more alert but unable to speak although she really wanted to but we told her not to. They had just removed a tube from her throat which was doing I don’t know what for her.

It was not until the third visit that she was very alert and talking to us and asking for us and even making jokes. Every now and then I could see my dad breathe breaths of relief that she was recovering.

About five minutes ago, I called the ICU and they told me that she is doing very well. Textbook he said; whatever that means. (I’m not hip with the lingo.)

So tomorrow should be an even better day. God willing.