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Ice Screen

In my PC Upgrade entry I talked about the new PC I got and I also griped about the seven year old monitor. Well today I took the plunge and bought my a 19inch Widescreen LCD Flat Panel.

So far, I love it, except for two things. I wish it had more options for Video Output and as I write this it kind of wobbles with every key stroke. Or maybe I just tap to hard on this thing. Who knows. I just moved my keyboard to the under desk tray and it seems to have stopped the wobbling.

What do you think? It is an Envision model by the way. It is a little messy around my desk but I assure you it is only temporary.

I also wanted to talk about this cool little old ice crusher my dad gave me many years ago. I broke it out today because I WAS going to entertain a guest today but that fell through.

I have had this thing for so long but I never crushed anything with it. I must say it is pretty damn slick. It has three settings for crushiness. C, M, and F. They all looked the same to me so I kept it at M. I guess M is for medium. Maybe someone out there can enlighten me to the other settings. Now I am wondering if I can find other old stuff like this. I didn’t use the flash so it looks orange but its stainless steel and black.

Cool huh?