Dont get me Wrong Jay … Boxer are Great Dogs .. , but they are very Hyper and always jumping on you etc. If you really want to know how a boxer is .. Go visit my sister Cindy .. she just got a Boxer .. she is probably already a few months old .. and boy is she Full of energy .. I was sitting on the Couch and I was’nt looking and she jump right on my Junk .. Man that was a WAke up Call !

they are Good Guard dogs .. ! But remember .. Once you take that dog he or she is your till they pass over . !! Taking them to the Vet .. there shots .. yearly shots too. you cant just get tired of them and give them away .. atleast I know 1 or 2 people that do that .. but that is Wrong .. I love my dogs. !!

they dont go out with there friends or do anything .. They only have YOU !!! ” The owner ” !