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In a Pickle

I totally believe that at every fast food restaurant in town there is a cash register where the Pickle and Ketchup buttons are to close together. Every fast food joint I have ever been to has at one time put Pickles in my burger instead of Ketchup. For many years, I thought that I had poor annunciation but there is no way that the words Ketchup and Pickle sound the same when they come out of my mouth.

The greatest fast food restaurant invention has got to be the monitor they place at the ordering speaker that lets you see what the person taking your order presses. Just this evening as I ordered my burger the way I always do, only mustard and ketchup, I saw on the screen that it read mustard and pickle! At that moment, Juan called and he heard a little of my frustration with these machines!

So, I ask that if there is someone out there working a drive-thru window to please watch your fingers as you press the ketchup (or catsup) button because that might be me ordering and I don’t eat green food, cept cilantro.

Maybe I should order like this guy: