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Mobile Phone Photos

I added a slideshow of pics to the right which displays the latest photos I have uploaded with my Phone. It starts to play automatically and I haven’t figured out how to make it loop endlessly.

And if you care to know how I am doing this. I am using Picasa Web Albums to host the pictures in a Album I’ve named Mobile Photos. There is an option to Embed slideshows on to webpages. It just gives you the code and I inserted the code onto my blogger template.

Getting the photos from my Pocket PC Windows Mobile Phone takes a few clicks. I am using a program called Shozu. It doesn’t work as smoothly as I would like but it gets the job done. After I take a picture with my phone the program is supposed to detect the new photo and ask me to upload it or not, but since the photos I take go to my memory card they are not detected by Shozu. I have to manually copy the photo to the My Pictures folder which is not on the card and then Shozu will detect it. Then I tell it to go to Picasa, type some stuff up, and hit send. Later, I delete the copy I moved. In the end this is a better way to do it since I don’t always get nagged to send a photo. I just have to remember to delete the copy I made.

Ok, enough of that.