No More Bush

No, this is not political blog entry! This is about greenery.

There are some bushes on the inside of my yard that I have always thought were ugly. They are up near my neighbors house and even when I use to trim them I always thought they were ugly. Well, they got way out of control so I decided to have them removed completely.

Right away the yard feels bigger. So, I like it. Hopefully I can decide what to put in the place of these bushes. Right now all you will see is dirt. See the video below:


  1. Sal

    @juan.. volley sounds cool. i saw some at target. ill zeke for another 2 bucks… lol

    @lucy im staying away from pools BUT when i first got the house I had all these plans and a jacuzzi was on that plan list, but it didnt work out.

  2. Sal

    @rob oh, i was going to call you to tell you, but i didnt want you to think i was calling about the mower, the lime tree is dry. its dieing..


  3. Rob

    @Jay .. Im so upset with you !!!!! You know how much Limes are right now ? there expensive!! you better put the water hose to it man.. come on Jay.. tomorrow I’ll take the Mower did not have time today.

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