My Old Apartment In Austin, TX

Courtesty of Google Maps Street View.

My place was downstairs to the right of that stair case. The tree is blocking the view.

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And this is where I used to work. It was very close to the apartment.

Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division

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Thanks Google, for that trip down memory lane.


  1. Rob

    Do You turn left down that street Jay?

    thats such an ugly building and it must of been a sunday or somthing only 2 cars .. look like Fords so they probably did not start when there shift ended on Friday.

  2. Rosebud

    OMG! Freakin hilarious rob! I take it u dont like ford? Sorry, but i drive a ford and it hasnt failed yet (knock on wood).

    Oh, and u said it looked like a Sunday but then said their cars probably didnt start on Friday. So which one is it rob, sunday or friday?…lol!

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