I freak out with life.

When I look back at this short life of mine and remember the things and the people that made me laugh and smile it amazes me how all that can change so suddenly and so unexpectedly. I remember days where I knew how the end of the day was going to be. I knew the conversations and the interactions I would have later that evening. “They” tell me to look back and just smile. Sometimes I can do both, but at times I would rather do neither and I just try and look ahead. The one bad thing about looking ahead is that I don’t know if I am smiling. I want to though, and that is something to look forward to.


  1. jav

    Just take a day by day man, we are not warranty the next seconds or minutes of our life, thats why we should make the best of them. When i sit and pick up the drums sticks i try to play like if that is my last time playing the drums.

  2. Anonymous

    When I read your little blog thing I was right away interested because I can relate to what you are saying. I have recently gone through the same thing myself. Keep your head up, and keep the faith. Don’t look back. and keep on smiling..even when it is hard. Because smiles are contageous … but so are frowns.’Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 3:13-14. *P.S. Be careful not to steal food from peoples plates anymore. Especially when you are in a church setting 🙂

  3. Sal

    I didn’t have the words to express how grateful I am for the day I was saved. From that day forward whenever I was overwhelmed with sadness and the fatigue from it I would hit my knees where ever I was I felt something that no words and no advice could ever do for me. I felt peace in my heart instantly. I remember the first morning before I left for work on the day after I got saved. I was dreading going to work but as soon as i started praying for that day the feeling of peace and strength to get threw it all came over me. It was all I ever needed.

  4. Sal

    and about the food. the first thing i learned from baptists is that a plate of a food with no one watching it is free for the taking! 😉

  5. Rob

    I would’nt be able to remember the past anyways . I forgot what I did yesterday … But ask me what I did when I was 10 or 11 and I will tell you everything.

    I feel weird posting in this one …. Like you guys are in a room where everyone dressed in white ………. and I opened the door dressed all in Black . Strange feeling .. cant describe it . Dont ask .. thats the only things that popped in my head right now …………..

  6. juan

    @ anonymous we know who you are, I think I met you once, @ a church fellowship. Don’t worry he tries to steal my food too, but as you can see, I am quicker @ the fork. You live for today bro, remember? @ rob come to church man we can fellowship and maybe take you on a game of foosball. J I am glad you come to church and learn about Gods preciouse holy word. Glad to see you grow in Christ, my brother from another mother as your bro would say.

  7. Mexico Senora

    I do NOT believe it. Anonymous stood me up this evening. She and her family were suppose to join me this evening at a wedding and then come to my house afterwards to eat. We bought hamburger meat, buns and all the fixins.’ Even icecream and cake. She would not have had to “steal” this food. It was free and Sal would not have been here to take it from her. I’m leaving now, singing, la la la, you ain’t nuthin but a hound dog, crying all night. da da da da dee dum.

  8. Sal

    baptists must really love grilling burgers and hot dogs. i just came back from carlos and lucys and thats what they had. and apparently so did you guys. and i just have one thing to say to you senora!


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