New Comment Feature in ALL Blogs.

I just noticed Google added a feature when you leave comments. We now have the option to get emails when someone comments on any blogs we comment on. Did that make sense?

Below is an image of what it looks like. If I put a check mark on Email Follow-up Comments I will get an email every time someone comments under me. This is very very cool. No more having to check every single blog post to see if there is new comments! I have been using Google reader for this but its kinda slow.

Anyway. Below is what it looks like.


  1. Anonymous

    Sal, you are slowing down, my man. When I started my blog it gave me this option, so I always get an email, well I use to, and I could even read the email and not have to go to the blog. However, if you want to respond you have to go to the blog anyway, so I would delete the emails just so it didn’t spoil my trip to the blog.


  2. Anonymous

    Rats, I read that too fast didn’t I. I see what you mean and that is sooo nice. Now we can get emails if someone posts on each others blog. Gotcha. Sorry, had a senior moment.


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