Just Because

I don’t know much about relationships or marriages or things of that nature. All I know is from what I have seen in movies, read in a book or heard about from friends. I’ve dished out my fair share of relationship “advice” but I never felt right doing that. Just like I don’t tell people how to replace a cam shaft, repair an artery or anything else I don’t know anything about. Anyway, I am going off subject.

To me the “Just Because” gift has got to be the best gift anyone can receive or give. Who says gifts, or cards, or flowers are just for special occasions? I have given out my fair share of “Just Because” gifts and have received less but it was always great to see and to feel the gratitude and the love.

What got me thinking about this was a card that Erika sent me just because and it meant more to me then most other cards would have. Although, she did get me an awesome birthday card and she wasn’t even my girlfriend yet. Maybe I’ll scan that and blog it one day.

I figured I would blog this….. just because.


  1. DeeDee

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, do I sense “love”!? I’m so happy for you Jay. And she seems so nice too. And you’re right, the just because gifts are usually the best!

  2. Preachers wife

    Congrats on Erica. It is nice to receive a just because gift ,but after your maried with children It is hard to afford the just because gift. My gift is just another day, that God has given me ,with the man that loves me more than anyone on earth.

  3. jav

    Those are the ones that mean the most, cause they came from inside. I knew the train had’t taking off on you man, glad that still there. Happy to hear that in your life.

  4. Adriana Sujey

    I TOTALLY DIG THE JUST BECAUSES!!! They are so meaningful. Just to know that they were thinking of you @ the time of purchase or made thinking of you is awesome. B-days, anniversarries, Christmas, are a given, but the other ones are bonuses! Not that they are a must, but u kinda know something might be on its way.

  5. Anonymous

    Did we celebrate your birthday? If not, then we need to. You know Grace has food every time there’s a red number on the calendar, so we wouldn’t want to miss the favorite church member’s birthday.

  6. Anonymous

    Sal, son, you must sit right on that computer cause you answer before I get the thing posted. How do you do that?

    BTW, it’s Gramma

  7. Sal

    i know everything that goes on, on my blog…heheh…

    kidding gramma.

    i get emails when i get comments. it has been like 15 minutes since u posted.

    and besides. with my phone, i have some what of an omnipresence with it. At least, thats what my boss says.

    anyway,going off topic.

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