Eight is not looking Great


What you see here is my messy mess of a messy office. I had to empty out two of my storage rooms to make room for a new doctor so a lot of my stuff was put into my office. I cleaned it up today before I left but this is the before shot! I’ll have to add an after shot once its cleaner!

Oh and there was some stuff on the ground that did not make into the photo. See below:


  1. Adriana Sujey

    Hey, and you labeled EIGHT things!! That’s a fun picture!! But not a pretty sight. I went in ur office today, looking for a stapler… NOT one in sight! It might look like this for a while. SO much going on!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Top center of the cork board. Is that a 4 frame picture from a colonoscopy? If it is, is it yours? Naaaa maybe I don’t want to know.


  3. Sal

    david, LOL, actually, is a picture of me on the bed before they scoped me!!! doctor that it would be funny to take pics of me with the very scope that was about to violate me….

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