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Under Pressure

So today we had a Bloggers meeting at Jeanies. I mean, we had a birthday party for J.C. at Jeanies. Just about everyone who comments here was there. Anyway, a few of us were sitting around telling lies and Kim was telling Eeva about our blogs and I heard her say that mine was the best blog and that I get the most comments or something like that. Maybe she didn’t use the word best. Talk about pressure to blog interesting stuff though!

My blogging is a little different then everyone else’s because I am a loner. I am the only one not married or involved, have no kids and have a pretty boring job. Boring to most anyway. So I can’t blog about how mijo did this, or said this, or ate that and I can’t blog about honeymoons or anniversaries or domestic disputes.

Lately, I have heard complaints that I have not been blogging. In a comment in Jeanies blog I stated that with the whole situation with my father it has slowed my blogging or made me not think about it. I probably don’t do it as often but I like to blog my feelings or emotions or how my boss said in our managers meeting, “sal’s inter most thoughts” (i know you read my blog sir!) and with my fathers situation I just don’t want to talk about it all the time. At times I do talk about it and I am grateful for those that just simply listen but since that is in my head a lot there is no other blogging material in there.

With the doorbell incident; that was just a play by play of what happened. Their was hardly any thought put into it. Maybe it doesn’t show in my blogs but I try to put a lot of thought into a blog post. Even this one. I thought about it all the way from Weslaco. (i didn’t know it was going to be this long.) My favorite part of a blog post is the title and I probably spend more time on that then on anything.

I am so glad that many of my friends are blogging because it takes my mind off of things and most importantly it shows me the power of God in their lives and in mine.

So keep blogging and don’t give up on me and keep praying for me and mine.