Archives · July 9, 2006 2


I love Memories. I just wish there were ways to relive those moments. And I don’t mean so that I can change the way things were. Maybe relive is the wrong word. I wish I could see memories as though I am watching a DVD. I wish I could have a DVD Memory Album in the same way we have Photo Albums. Except no camera person is needed. They are just recorded.

The really sad thing is that I don’t appreciate memories until I feel that the creation of new memories are in jeopardy. On happy days, I can walk around this house and NOT think about the fun we have had here. I can walk passed that bench and NOT think about the night we sat there holding each other. I can mow the grass and NOT think about that night we rolled around in it that one beautiful moon lit night. But when things are not going right, when the future is uncertain, when I am here wondering where you are it is all I think about.

I think about those memories and I so wish many more could be created here. Only time will tell and sometimes time is extremely slow for this heart of mine but time I got.