1. Jean Kincaid

    Who are you and what have you done with my Sal? Hmmm, that sounds like I’m the owner of a female pig, doesn’t it? Heavens to Betsy. Dancing and bars. And I had such high hopes for you. My heart is sad. I want you going to revivals, and singing specials, preaching, teaching….not dancing in bars. I want that picture out of my head. Nope, nope, nope, that was not Sal. Someone else had taken over his body. Now bring him back. Do ya hear?

  2. Anonymous

    @ gramma and lucy does the bible not say…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone… John 8:5 instead of condeming him you should be on your knees praying for him…now i do not condone what he did but it helps me to know how to pray for him…will be praying for you sal

  3. Jean Kincaid

    Nah, it doesn’t bother me to fuss at him. I’m his Gramma, and thats what we do to keep our children in line. And telling me not to condemn him does not make me feel guilty one bit. That washes right off my back. You know why? I would expect Sal to do the same to me if he caught me doing something wrong; and trust me…he would. Thats how families work. Especially if you love each other. So don’t quote scripture at me, you young whippersnapper. I’m old. I can give you tit for tat. Like “things done in secret will be revealed.” My version not KJV. So, on that note, how bout a name other than “anonymous?”

    Oh, and another thing. If we can make him stop doing something before we have to pray for him, then that might keep God from whooping his tail. I know “I’d” rather have you guys get me back in line before God got a hold of me. Just my .02 worth.

  4. Anonymous

    you are a missionary right and you listen to country music is that right,a child of God, are you waiting to be corected or have your excuses justifeid it. You probably think you are being perecuted for Christ sake but get over it. hey God knows who I am and God knows who you are, I am concerned for Sal and dont beleive you are an example for him, if you make excuses for your country music, I mean honestly listening to that mess what goes through your mind, Thank you Jesus, I think not… what ever happened to correction in love and not openly in shame, have you read the other 2 comments after yours and seen the results of your heehaww comment. now they are judging him out of spite not correcting him in love.

  5. jav

    Yo, you know i was not judging you. Just giving you a hard time. I been throu stuff like this and it doesn’t matter how we fall it matters how we get up and i dont mean dancing. Remember we are the light of the world and we have people just weating to see something or wear so they can point the finger. Echale pa delante man.

  6. Jean Kincaid

    Okay, I apparently hit a nerve. Not quite fair that you know who we are, but won’t reveal yourself. And yes, you are sooo right about the country music. That’s why I did not argue with The Preacher when he stepped on my toes about that. “The Preacher” being Sal’s brother, not Mark. And just so you know, I am not a country music listener. There are no cd’s or tapes in my house or car of country music. Never has a country music station been turned on in my house. Just in my vehicle while traveling. I am not defending myself; there is not much you could accuse me of that I am not guilty. Dirty, rotten low-down sinner I am, and trust me I am not being “humbly christian” right now. But, I will keep trying not to dishonor the Lord and I will protect my testimony. And the remark you made about being persecuted for Christ’s sake. Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by that. I don’t know too much about persecution.

    And please don’t worry about Sal. I’m sure he didn’t feel unloved or condemned. He has had no problem fighting his own battles.

    You seemed to fly mad pretty quickly, so just know this. I will not respond to anymore of your posts, but feel free to correct me anytime.

  7. Sal

    we can sit here and type out each others actions that are not pleasing to God but that would generate a lot wasted space on this blog. And if anything that would probably be even more displeasing to Him.

    There have been times when people give me a hard time or make little comments about the things i do (even last night) but i have never fired back at the things they do. Who am I right?

    But hey, that’s just me.

    And to be totally honest, like i always am in this blog as you can see, i dont really understand what everyone is riled up about. So far I have only read that gramma doesnt want to picture me dancing or in a bar.

    It seems that every where we go eat we are all walking into a bar. La Playa, Applebees, Chiles, Wallbangers. Maybe it was the dancing? Juan told me in the fellowship hall its the touching involved with dancing. But then he mentioned David dancing after he killed Goliath. But I guess he didnt dance with anyone?

    Learn me! And if I feel conviction about it maybe I wont go out and dance again. Or go eat somewhere that has a bar. I saw IF because conviction is different for everyone is it not?

    and if it has to be said, i will say it; I am not mad at anyone for any comments they have made or will make. We have to help each other and pray for each other right?

  8. LUCY

    Gramma, I love you and your words of truth. I really enjoy writing and picking on everyone, and I don’t feel bad for it because I know what we have in each other. I feel the love and kindness and feel comfortable acting silly with you guys. I just wanted to say that I really love all of you, some more than others. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  9. Sal

    anonymous is a dirty rotten sinner just like the rest of us and just because we dont know them and cant pick out their wrong doings dont mean we cant comment on what they say???

  10. Rosebud

    Gramma,dont know u,in fact i dont know anyone except for Lucy in this whole blog thing but what i have read about gramma in these comments and in others is that she has alot of love and have noticed that any time she expresses her concerns about anyone she does it in a kind and loving manner. I too struggle and when i mean struggle i mean just that. It’s not easy especially when you were born and raised in the church. I have been in and out since I turned 18. Then got married and tried again. Then got separated a couple of yrs ago and have been doing the “wordly” thing ever since. I feel bad saying this but i only go to church now just to see my mom. Of course,there are those very touching messages that make me realize I need to change not only need to change but unfortunatley they haven’t been enough for me to turn my life around. But there goes the same excuse,It’s Hard! Lucy knows all that i’ve been thru and she’s been a great friend all thru out,thanx Lucy. And like Sal mentioned,(Sal dont know u but understand u :-D)not everyone has the same convictions nor will everyone ever. God knows our hearts though and whether your actually concerned or just wanting to be judgemental about anything that doesnt fit your “christianity standards” God knows so u aint foolin’ anyone, Mr. “Anonymous”. That’s for the country music blog to gramma…how disrespectful! Anyway,being that i dont know u guys i hope i didnt offend anyone of u. Those were not my intentions. Anyway,Sal,glad to hear cray comments dont bother you.

  11. LUCY

    Awe Rosie, I love ya so much. Also you read Gramma perfectly and she is all ours, ha ha. Unless of course I can persuade you to come on over to our church. I just wanted to thank you for making me cry, I really did think I was all out of tears.

  12. Anonymous

    @ Gramma, we all have our faults and yes we fail. But when you are a new christian I feel it is better to correct in private rather than openly.And Sal is cappable of fighting his own battles,but other than the Bible being a new convert does not come with a mannual on how to live a christian life,explaining what places we can go to or things we shouldn’t do. Conviction Comes through the Holy Spirit,and we get our convictions through preacing, reading our bible,and other godly christians. And no you did not hit a nerve,im just concerned for Sal and his growth in the Lord,and a comment like that can hurt a new christian.Many times we say things that we shouldn’t have,and wish we can take it back,but before you know it,its to late.

  13. Sal

    @preachers wife

    i wish you hadnt deleted it. because what i am about to say prolly wont make sense.

    None of these comments hurt my relationship with Christ. Noone told me I was going to hell because of where i went or what i did, not that i would believe them but it would have made me mad.

    and i dont regret blogging this because other wise i wouldnt feel this tug in my heart about going to these places. but if i do go again, im not blogging about it!…hehe kidding.

    and to sum it all up. i love all of you guys. even anonymous.

  14. Sal

    @pw oh ok, and will do.

    and if by blogging this one or two people are praying for me then i am greatful.

    i will pray for you to. i pray noone bares no ill will towards one another.

  15. Rhonda Gibson

    Dear Anonymous,

    I may be two days late but I’m not stupid. Like those of you who won’t name names but have the audacity to judge others who are teasing as good friends often do. It seems to me Sir that you are a Godly man. Or should I say a religious man? You know God didn’t create religion He created man and Gramma’s! You have a sharp tongue, check out what your Bible has to say about that. Don’t quote scripture back at me, I read my Bible and won’t be listening to you any more about this subject.

    As for me, I’m a human who claims to be a Christian. You noticed I didn’t say a perfect Christian. So get off your high horse and instead of flashing the faults of others, take your own advice and kneel in prayer. I am doing the same.

    By the way, I know Gramma loves Sal because she speaks highly of him and would never hurt him.

    Thoroughly ticked,

    Rhonda-best friend of Gramma, next to God of course!!

  16. Anonymous

    @ rhonda being that you will not be listening to me anymore on this subject all i want to say is that i am not a sir but a lady and the bible does have something to say about women preachers so you might want to read up on that and as far as gramma being concered for sal i dont doubt that but i believe the bible and it does say one on one first….doesnt it?

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