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Nailed It

It seems that every time I take the Vette out something happens. After all, this is supposed to be The year of the Corvette. It was a nice Saturday evening so I decided to fire her up. I drove over to Carlos and Lucy’s home where they were having a birthday/football get together.

The last time I took the vette out she kept telling me that my oil pressure was low so I brought her home. I had not driven her since so before I took her out today I went out and got her a quart of oil. Getting the oil in her was fun since I forgot to get a funnel.

She is dirty so I take her to the car wash first. That was very frustrating. The last time I went to this car wash the hose was tore up and that was fun trying not to get wet. I pulled into to the first vacant spot, get three dollars worth of coin and put it in the machine. Well, their was no pressure and there was no one there to get me a refund. There was this one guy I thought worked there but I think he was a serial killing cleaning the blood from the bed of the truck. So I have to let that money go, about $1.50 and switch to another spot. All is going well with that one til I get to the “wax”, well it comes out like soap and the next thing to do is the spot free rinse and that is not going to get all the soapish thing off, so I switch back to rinse but then the machine wants more coin. Luckily I saw three coins in my glove box so I don’t have to cash more dollar bills. I finally get out of there and head off to Carlos and Lucys. I eat, we talk, we laugh, and then we decide to come to my house for some fooseball. As I am driving away I hear and feel something in my tire. When I get home (which isn’t to far) I find this thing in my tire!!!

Not a good day for the Corvette, oh and the stereo is on the fritz also. But I won’t bore you ANYMORE with that.