Now, That’s A Ladder!

More then meets the eye!

When I bought my home, John Lightner came out to do a home inspection and he broke out one of these ladders. First thing I said was, “Now, that’s a ladder!” He laughed and said he hears that a lot. Well, four years later, and Forty Dollars cheaper because of clearance I got me one. I figure I will be needing one for my freelance work. So enjoy the pics!

This is my favorite part! Two little ladders!

Thirteen Feet!!


  1. juan

    Thats a cool ladder Brother, but i seemed to have seen something familiar in the background in the first pic, lol, pretty cool you forgot to take a picture when it is on the stairs, Also as a work bench with the 2 little ladders, just put a board across it.

  2. Sal

    i asked Dale about fixing that jack and he said someone could! so im on it.

    and yeah, about the work bench. thats a feature listed on the package, but more of scaffold type thing.


    its a heavy thing too!

  3. Anonymous

    Just can't believe you haven't BLOGGED!?!?!?! I'm sure there is something out there to share! Come on! Miss it. I guess we just have to keep checking in…

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