Big Johns BBQ Is For Sale

One of my top BBQ joints has to be Big Johns BBQ in Harlingen. My personal favorite thing to eat there is the Sliced Brisket and Sausage Sandwich. It is the sandwich to which all other BBQ joints are compared to. Except for that rare occasion when the sandwich is not good, it always has the right amount of grease and fat! Whenever I go to a new BBQ place, that is almost always the first thing I order and no other place has been as good. Pretty close but not as good.

Does that make Big Johns my favorite? I think so.

But now it is for sale! I literally lost sleep the other night as I tossed and turned thinking how GREAT it would be to buy it! I don’t know much about starting a business, much less a restaurant business, but it has always seemed like it is hard to open a new restaurant that lasts in Harlingen. So maybe it would be easier to take over one that has been around for a long time. The trick would be not to mess up a good thing!

As I tossed and turned, I thought about how cool (and hard) it would be to keep the food the same but eventually change it but have a “Big Johns Classic” still on the menu. The “Classic” would have all the BBQ flavors, grease, and fat that made Big Johns last all this time.

Of course, what is a BBQ Joint without Mac n Cheese and Corn Bread?? So those would go on the menu right of way!

I think if I can lure people to go with me to get a burger 30 minutes away at Wallbangers, I can lure people to have some BBQ at a restaurant I owned.


  1. Rob

    Aweasome ! That would be cool .. They must want some serious bucks for that place. I wonder why wouldn't one of the workers of that place buy it .. its gotta make you think "Why are they selling" are they not making it ? are the taxes too high? Are they paying there workers more than what they are making? I mean people dont just sell a "Gold mind" for the sake of selling. You never know, maybe they are just tired and want to enjoy life, I wish my parents would just stop and enjoy life.

    but either way Jay that would be Cool !! I'd help you out buddy! But you would have to leave the "LADY J Burger" on that Classic menu you said.

  2. Adriana Sujey

    Just don't remove the jukebox!!! Member…. I dance to my Dixie Chicks song! lol

    Wow, I can't believe you lost sleep over it…this is serious! You never know! Just as you get invited to restaurants via twitter…YOU'LL be doing the same!

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