Where on Earth is Sal?

I know, haven’t blogged in forever. Sorry.

I will be heading up to Victoria, TX to meet my brother to borrow his kids so they can help mom, who has had some back surgery, at her house.
On the left on my blog and below you should see a map that will show you where I am at. I am using my G1 phone and Google Latitude to display it.
Anyway, thought it would be cool.

It will tell you when the location was last updated so press your F5 key to refresh it 🙂

Meeting in Alamo, TX

Revive us again!!

Brother Robert Setzer preached a revival meeting at my church this passed week but he is also preaching at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Alamo this week so Juan and I went over last night to get a little Jesus. A little Jesus? Man, we got a whole bunch of Jesus. Well, I did anyway.

I was supposed to meet up with Juan over at his house but I had a little mobile phone malfunction that had me running late. Juan ended up picking me up instead. I was outside the house eating a bolis while I waited. As he pulled into the street I noticed he didn’t have his Fog Lights on. I turned around to get my stuff and as I turned around again, he had them on. That was weird, and funny.

As we drive over to Alamo, following the speed limit of course, we talk, and have some laughs. So by the time we get to Alamo we are in good spirits. As we walk in to the church, Juan says, “Maybe they shaking hands right now”, because we are running a tad bit late. Sure enough, as we walk in everyone is on their feet greeting everyone. As we walk in, I say “we were here the whole time”. 🙂

We took a seat next to Brother Bob Hawk. His son in law was my first preacher after I was saved. Brother Arnold Woodard was preaching interim before our current preacher, Mark Laiklam.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. God keeps the best singers and musicians to himself. I say that because there was some serious singing and piano playing that night. From our very own Preacher’s Wife to some teenage girls. All of which were singing to the Lord and bringing down GLORY! It was awesome!

By the time Brother Setzer took the pulpit we were all ears and ready for the Word. Well, I was anyway. He preached out of Galations 5 and touched on many subjects such as getting off track in our Christian walk and about not judging others.

After the services, Brother Dale Kincaid, preacher and friend from Cornerstone, showed us around the church and told us about the plans he has for the church and showed us how God is blessing.

Lots of people were fellowshipping in the church but I joined Juan, Dale, Bob Hawk, Robert Setzer, my preacher Mark, and his son Luke outside the church. We were out there talking and laughing and talking about things of God. Bob Hawk told us a sad story about a Christian man who died and whose family told Bob NOT to preach at his funeral but to say only a few nice things. Robert Setzer went on to say “What a sad day when someone will ask a preacher not to preach.” Bob Hawk preached anyway! Amen!

While we were talking this drunk man came up to us with his hands in the air. When I first saw him I thought he wanted money. He wanted something more. He wanted JESUS!

Brother Bob Hawk is a missionary into Mexico so he can speak better Spanish than most Mexicans I know so he talked to the man. Prayed with the man. Got on his knees with man. The drunk man named Domingo sobered up real quick and professed to have taken Jesus into his heart. He told us that he had been wanting to come inside the church. That these past couple days he had been getting close to the door but never made it inside. I’m so glad we don’t have to go inside a church to get Saved! Jesus came to my house and saved me. Jesus saved this man outside the church last night.

I am praying he shows up tonight.

After all this, the people started pouring out of the church as if God was keeping them in there while He saved this man.

Shortly thereafter, we all went to a new What-a-burger in Weslaco and filled the place up with Christians. We had a good time! A great time.

Friends or Acquaintances

I think back to the jobs I have had since I was sixteen and for each job, accept maybe one, I can tell you that I have gotten close to people with whom I have had the pleasure to work with. So close that I would never imagine not being in contact with them for the rest of my life. The sad thing is, I can’t tell you where those people are today.

The job I have now is the longest job I have had so naturally it is the place where I have grown closest to the most people. 
Today, two of those people are no longer going to be working with me and I’m worried. Worried that the friendship will dwindle and will become something that existed only among the walls of our employment.
The three of us have expressed that the friendship will go on and that we were never simply acquaintances.

One Thing I’d Love To DO

The one thing I would really love to do is be a photographer of some sort. I used to really love to take pictures. Sure, I still cary the camera with me in the car but I can’t remember the last time I took a picture.

I have the mentality now that everyone has a digital camera no matter where I go so why bother taking it down. 
Need to change that.

Back To Twitter

Well, for over a year we were on Jaiku but now it seems that Google is abandoning Jaiku, or taking it in another direction, so we are going back to Twitter. 

It is pretty much the same, if you remember, but without the Threading of Conversations, so unless Twitter implements that awesome feature, the Thread Nazi is dead! They did however removoe the feature that enabled us to Twitter from Google Talk! There are other programs you can install HERE. I haven’t found one I liked. I used to use Snitter but it doesn’t work the same anymore it seems. Kinda buggy.
While we were away from Twitter it has gotten hugely popular. Even our own Local Channel Four news is on Twitter. HERE
Hope to see everyone there! 

Time To See Doctor Again….. I guess

The last time I saw a doctor about my “stomach hurts” he said, sorry I can’t figure out whats wrong with you.

I think lately it has been getting worse. Or is it nerves?

People, and doctors, have told me it is what I eat that messes me up, but even if I don’t have dinner the night before, the next morning my stomach hurts the same.

That is exactly how I feel this morning.


Sometimes I want to give up on eating lunch because I get so sleepy afterwards that I just want to pass out right then and there. Driving back to work after a meal that makes me sleepy is so hard! I just want to come home, or be dropped off at home so I can snooze it up!

Right now I sort of feel the same way because  I had a pretty good steak at Texas Roadhouse. So after I press Publish Post I might just get under the covers.
Good Night!

Bloggers Block

Man, bloggers block on day thirteen already?? Today was sure a nonblogworthy day for me!!

The only highlight of my day was actually waking up. Why is that a highlight you say? Well, because I could have woke up dead! I am not afraid of dying anymore, because I know where I am going, but sometimes you just don’t want to die yet! 
Thank God for another day!

The Ladies Plate

My favorite plate at a local Mexican / BBQ place is called the Ladies Plate. It comes with Fajita Nachos and Carne Guisada. It is really good. Whenever I order this plate, I always make the same joke to the waiter/ waitress. Do I have to be a lady to order the ladies plate? They always say no but I am sure they are sick of it! Kind of like of the joke I always hear in the elevator at work. Third Floor please! You see, the joke is, we only have two floors! badum pish!

I remember when I used to work at K-Mart as a cashier and whenever an item wouldn’t scan I would always hear, I guess it’s free!

And when it’s raining, Raining enough for ya?!

And when it’s windy, Windy enough for ya?!

And when it’s cold, Cold enough for ya?!