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The Ladies Plate

My favorite plate at a local Mexican / BBQ place is called the Ladies Plate. It comes with Fajita Nachos and Carne Guisada. It is really good. Whenever I order this plate, I always make the same joke to the waiter/ waitress. Do I have to be a lady to order the ladies plate? They always say no but I am sure they are sick of it! Kind of like of the joke I always hear in the elevator at work. Third Floor please! You see, the joke is, we only have two floors! badum pish!

I remember when I used to work at K-Mart as a cashier and whenever an item wouldn’t scan I would always hear, I guess it’s free!

And when it’s raining, Raining enough for ya?!

And when it’s windy, Windy enough for ya?!

And when it’s cold, Cold enough for ya?!